James & Leona Glenn

Center of Attraction Outreach
Phone: (989)777-1660
Apostle James and Prophetess Leona Glenn graduated from Eastern Michigan University in June 1977. God called them both into the ministry two years later at Christ Community Church. They were licensed by Pastor William D. Aldridge as associate ministers. They remained at Christ Community Church for six years and were later ordained. It was approximately at that time when Apostle James received a word from the Lord to leave the church to start, “a work for the Lord” not knowing exactly what that would be. Shortly after departing Apostle James and Prophetess Leona incorporated in 1983 as James and Leona Glenn Ministries. Eager to spread the Good News they immediately started broadcasting their radio program, “The Word Broadcast “on WSAM and WTLZ. It wasn’t long before God filled their hearts with His love to pastor the people of God. In 1984 James and Leona Glenn Ministries publicly began church services in the name of Center of Attraction Fellowship and later Center of Attraction Outreach. James and Leona accepted their calling as apostle and prophetess in September of 2002 and was ordained by Prophet Jim and Apostle Judy Stevens of Marion Christian Center, Marion, Ohio where Dr. John Watson is senior apostle and pastor